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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Common Name: Crabapple
Vernacular Name: Wild apple
Botanical Name: Malus spp
Specimens From: China

Crabapples are usually grown wild or cultivated for their ornamental value rather than for their fruit. There are many species of crabapples that can be found in most cold climate countries. The general appearance looks similar to a domestic apple but much smaller in size. Crabapple is usually not more than 5cm or 2inches in diameter.

The skin can be yellow, green, red or combination of these colours. The small seeds are not edible, so discard it. But the taste is usually inferior as it is woody, tart or bland! In another words, it does not taste nice to eat it in its raw stage. Much better off when make into jelly and cider.

Fruit: Crabapple; Malus spp; Malinae; Maleae; Amygdaloideae; Rosaceae.

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