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Friday, November 18, 2011


Unripe Rukam
Common Name: Rukam
Vernacular Name: Rukam Manis, Indian Prune
Botanical Name: Flacourtia rukam
Specimens From: Malaysia
Specimens Weight: 10 gm [0.35 oz] (average weight per fruit)

Rukam is a fruit originated from the region of Malesia, It has also been introduced into India and Thailand.

The fruit is almost round, about 20 to 25 mm in diameter in size, with several small whiskers at the base. Green when immature and will turn pink and finally to red or dark red when it is fully matures. The skin is thin with off white pulp but stained with red, towards the center where all the seeds are. The seed is flat and looks red as the flesh will stick to it. Four to seven seeds are usually found in a single fruit.

The ripe fruit can be eaten raw. The taste is tart but juicy, similar to the cranberry. It is cultivated on a small scale in some places but it is not very well known as it is often overshadowed by another similar-looking fruit of the same family, "Governor's Plum" (Flacourtia indica). The juice from the unripe green berries can be taken to ease dysentery and diarrhoea.

Fruit: Rukam ; Flacourtia rukam ; Salicaceae.

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