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Monday, August 27, 2007


Common Name: Barhee Date
Vernacular Names: Barhi date, Bahri date
Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera
Specimens From: Israel
Specimens Weight: 18 gm (average weight per fruit)

Dates are immensely popular and a stable food in the arab world since it is native to the persian gulf, dating back to at least several thousand years BC. It had since spread to most of the tropical countries where there are plenty of direct sunlight.

Barhee date is one of the popular and common dates among the numerous cultivars. "Numerous" because there are several thousands of them but most of them are virtually unknown. They are not commercially available because the taste are considered as inferior.

Barhee date can be eaten when in the raw, semi-ripe (Khalal)[refer to top photo]. In this stage, it is golden yellow or amber and it is crispy and crunchy, similar to eating an apple. The taste is slightly sweet with a slight tinge of astringency. It is an acquired taste, especially those who taste a fresh date for the first time.

It will turn brownish and soft with the skin peeling off, when it is ripe (rutab) and it tastes sweet & juicy. This type of dates are usually eaten fresh or at least, in the ripe stage and seldom in the final dried, wrinkled (tamr) stage. At any stage, no peeling is required, just eat it as it is.

Every date has a seed and the seed always reminds me of a brown cowry shell. Well, at least to me. Just don't eat the seed. So, do you want a date? I mean, want to eat some dates?

Fruit: Barhee Date; Phoenix dactylifera; Arecaceae.

Other fruits in the same family: Rakum Palm, Salak.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that there were this many fruits to choose from and here I am complaining how it's next to impossible to get 5 a day. Keep up the great work!

Fruity said...

Thanks Jamie, there will be much more than you ever know. Cheers from Fruity said...

Great work and great blog! I really enjoyed my visit and would like to add you to my list of new blog finds!

Would that be o.k.?


A Nice Place In The Sun

Fruity said...

Hi Ann. Thanks for your nice compliments. Of coz it's ok to link up, I'll be glad to. Cheers from Fruity

Anonymous said...

Great post and delicious fruit - all so exotic for a Norwegian you know!

Btw: Thanks for your add and comments on BlogCatalog. Your on my blogroll now and also I faved you at Technorati :-)

Fruity said...

Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure Norway got plenty of wild, cold country fruits too. Cheers from Fruity


oh how i missed climbing the barhee date trees in the neighborhood many years ago, we call them "loquat" in my dialect, i rarely see them now as their spots in the neighborhood turned into households, i love their taste..^^

Fruity said...

Hi Manila stone:
Welcome in. It does look similar to loquat, especially the colour. Those were the days! Cheers from Fruity

maiylah said...

am not so sure if i've seen this type of fruit ... but would love to taste them! :)

Fruity said...

Hi Maijlah:
It is really nice but quite expensive

Anonymous said...

I love crispy crunchy fruits so this is really lovely elegant & also good for us . H mmmm !!

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Anonymous said...

I'm off to try all of these fruits!!!! Most of them sound quite lovely! Thank you for such a wonderful blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the date info. Can't just understand why date seeds aren't edible?

Anonymous said...

can you change the background of your website from green to white it is very difficult to read your website. the colors are too dark.