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Friday, August 17, 2007


Common Name: Blueberry
Botanical Name: Vaccinium cyanococcus
Specimens From: USA

Blueberries, native to North America, Northern Europe and East Asia. There are several types but the berries itself do look alike other than their growing habitats. It seems that most people like this popular fruit and I am no exception. As you can see, there are several minute seeds inside but this fruit can be eaten whole. Another fruit, the bilberry, looks almost identical but comes with purple flesh instead.

It will win hands down as one of the easiest fruit to eat. No cutting, no peeling, no need to spit out seeds, no need to pull out from the brunch (as in grapes). And finally, it is small enough that you can pop it into your mouth and you won't miss it. It tastes great, sweet with only slight acidic at times but not much of a juice.

With its great nutrition benefits, this small but powerful blue fruit is considered as one of the top ranking, in nutritious fruits. Blueberries is one of the richest sources of healthful antioxidants and other so-called phytochemicals (to improve memory). So, the more reasons you need to eat it. I found my fruit, on blueberry hill.

Blueberry Juice

If you prefer to drink it, you may make your own blueberry juice but you will need alot of berries just to make one glass! But it is all worth it as the taste is wonderful. Anyway, pure blueberry juice does not looks blue but is reddish-purple instead!

Fruit: Blueberries; Vaccinium cyanococcus; Ericaceae.

Other fruit in the same family: Cranberries

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Karin W. said...

In the forests of Sweden there are vast amounts of wild growing blueberries this year.

So, I´m sure there will be enough berries to make blueberry cake, blueberry soup, blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry bread, blueberry beer(!)...

Fruity said...

I'm dreaming of going up a blueberry hill and eat it all up! Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your berry desserts. Cheers from Fruity

Thomas Andrew said...

Great blog idea! I love fruit -- this is like an online encyclopedia of fruits !

Fruity said...

Thanks Chef
Then use it as your online fruit guide, there will be a lot coming. Your food is great too, yummy! Cheers from Fruity

Jackie said...

I had to pop back over and comment...I do apologize for not commenting earlier...but, I was almost stunned by your lovely and unique blog....what a terrific idea for a blog...I love it!! and, as I lived in Maine for many years...I had to comment about the blueberries...I know many will argue...but, Maine's blueberries have got to be among the world's best...they are tiny...but, oh my ever so sweet!! Blessings~Jackie

Fruity said...

Thanks for your lovely compliments. There are many types of blueberries, some small, some big. Glad you like this tiny blues too. Drop by whenever you got the time. Cheers from Fruity

Anonymous said...

Delicious! Just wish they were cheaper and easier to grow...

Our polish blueberry farm said...

Blueberry are delicious. We are waitint for fresh fruit now. We expocted then in few weeks :-D

Anonymous said...

The nutritional benefit from these blue berry is acceptable. I would love to have a taste.

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