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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


  • Common Name: Calmeria Grape
  • Scientific Name: Vitis vinifera
  • Specimens From: USA
  • Specimens Weight: 636 gm (specimen's brunch)
Grapes, a favorite fruit from the old world, dating back several thousand years ago. Grapes are often used and depicted in those movies where the kings and queens been fed by their subjects.

There are several species of grapes but more than 90% of the cultivated grapes are from "vinifera" species (also known as the European grapes), which is native to the Mediterranean and central Asia. The minority of several other species, comes from the America continent.

Grape production is mainly divided into 4 uses:
Wine grapes: For wine making
Table grapes: For eating as fresh fruits
Dried grapes: For drying and eaten as snacks, known as raisins
Juiced grapes: For canning as grape juice, jam and preserves

There are several thousands of cultivars but most of those, we probably never get to see it as almost three-quarters of the production, went into wine making. France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the USA are consistently among the top few countries leading in the production of grapes, mostly for the wine industry but China is the top producer of table grapes, mainly of the "red globe" variety.

Calmeria grape is primary used as table grapes and belongs to the green/white group as it has light green skin. It is also known as "lady finger" grape because of its distinct elongated shape. This variety of grape is well-known and considered as good quality grape even though it is seeded. It is sweet with only a slight tart taste.

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Swaruchy said...

Nice post on Grapes Fruity :-)
Interesting information.....:-)

KML said...

This is one fruit I recognize and love!


The last time I had a taste of grape was December last year, (LOL). This reminds me I have to buy some when I go to the nearest open market in my location here in Manila. It's been a while and Christmas is just around the corner.^^

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I can't eat just 1 or 11. :D

YUM!!! Grapes are a favorite fruit of mine.

Hugs, JJ

Kim said...

I love grapes and it seems that the green ones are more popular than the purple ones....I love the look of these ones Fruity :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Those look delicious! I don't like to eat grapes with seeds, though, unless I'm at home. Spitting out seeds is not ladylike :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

I remember being a kid and my parents always bought grapes for us, but I can't seem to get my kids to eat them. I'll have to think of something because they are a very healthy snack. :o)

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren prefer frozen grapes (instead of popsicles) Great Blog! Lumpy

Karin W. said...

How did you manage to make those nice fruit thumbnails? I have tried to make thumbnails a couple of times (Flickr thumbnails), but I was not satisfied with the results.

Karin W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon said...

I just had some table grapes for desserts.

Anonymous said...

miaam those grapes looks so yummy. I think this variety is sold in mauritius too. i always buy some at the bazar whenever i go there! :D

Fruity said...

Sirisha, Kml, LMS, JJ, Kim, Kelly, Tammy, William, NeoA, Morinn,

Grapes are so common, most of us do like it, especially the sweet ones.

Kim, surprisingly, greens are usually sweeter than reds

Haha, Kelly, you do watch your table manners :)

Tammy, kids don't like sour. Get those sweet grapes.

William, welcome aboard..yours is great too!

Karin, "IrfanView", a free photo editing software DL from the net.

Karin W. said...

Thanks Fruity!

(I deleted one of my comments. I don´t know why the same comment was published twice.)

Sailor McCollum said...

a ripe mango is my favorite fruit but not those imported things you get in the grocery store in the U.S.
Come visit me and you'll understand why I know how a locally grown mango tastes.
Mary the Merry Sailor

Fruity said...

Hi Antique Sailor
Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here. I love mangoes too

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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BalasUBAS said...

Thanks for this information. Is this available all year-round or only seasonal?