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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Common Name: Langsat
Vernacular Name: Lanzones
Botanical Name: Lansium domesticum
Specimens From: Malaysia

Langsat, a native fruit from Malaysia, is relatively common in South-east Asia but not much is known once out of this Asian region. It goes by several vernacular names, partly due to the confusion of the few different varieties and hence, the names apply loosely to these group of fruits that look alike. In the Philippines, it is known as "Lanzones" but not in elsewhere.

Even though all are classified under the same species, there are differences in shapes, sizes and taste. Basically, it can be divided into four varieties, "Duku", "Langsat", "Longkong" and "Duku-langsat". Duku-langsat is basically a hybrid between the two, so will not go into that.

Compare among the three varieties:

The size of the langsat is the smallest.

The skin is smooth and the thinest among them. Easy to peel but with sticky latex when peel.

The size of the seed is small too as in correspondence to its size.

The taste is sweet and sour. Usually half sweet, half sour.

Langsat fruits are always taken as a snack. But it does not last and blotches of dark brown to black will appear in a day or two. Hence, it is not exported.

Fruit: Langsat; Lansium domesticum; Meliaceae.

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