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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Common Name: Canistel
Vernacular Name: Eggfruit, Yellow Sapote, Zapote amarillo
Botanical Name: Pouteria campechiana
Specimens From: The Philippines
Specimens Weight: 70 gm [2.47 oz] (average weight per fruit)

The canistel is native to Mexico and the nothern part of Central America countries. It has also been introduced into several tropical countries.

This fruit may be almost round, oval or ovoid with a pointed or curved apex. It is bright yellow or yellowish-orange and usually glossy and smooth when it is ripe. The skin is thin and the pulp takes on the same colour as the skin. There may be one or more seeds and it is shiny reddish-brown on the outer side and dull brown on the other side.

The flesh is firm and not juicy but softer towards the center of the fruit. Texture is almost identical to a boiled egg-yolk. The taste is slightly sweet, similar to a baked sweet potato. It will turn too mushy when it is overripe. The skin may be thin but gummy and it is usually not eaten.

Canistel's pureed pulp can also be baked, used in pies, pudding or mixed with ice cream and milkshake etc. This fruit is rich in nutrients, especially in carotene and niacin but in many countries, it is still unknowned, unavailable or underrated.

Fruit: Canistel; Pouteria campechiana; Sapotaceae.

Other fruit in the same family: Sapodilla

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