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Monday, November 14, 2011


Common Name: Fijian Longan
Vernacular Name: Kasai, Matoa, Dawa
Botanical Name: Pometia pinnata
Specimens From: Malaysia
Specimens Weight: 30 gm [1.06 oz] (average weight per fruit)

Fijian longan is a tropical fruit mainly from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, The Philipines, East Indonesia, Papua and the Pacific Islands. It is not a very common fruit found elsewhere.

The fruit is round or oval and it is much bigger than the common longan. It is green when immature and will turn purpish red, dull brown or almost black, depending on the various varieties. The shell is hard but it can still be prised opened with both thumbs with a little force.

Once peeled, the pulp looks similar to a lychee than to the longan but the taste is not as sweet nor juicy. The pulp is slightly yellowish in colour. This particular variety is only mildly sweet and the texture is chewy. It has a single seed which looks like a type of nuts. The seed is edible too and it is usually consumed roasted or boiled.

Fruit: Fijian longan; Pometia pinnata; Sapindaceae.

Other fruits in the same family: Lychee, Pulasan, Longan, Rambutan.

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ongzi said...

Pongamia pinnata

Proper noun said...

I'm from Fiji and we call this fruit "dawa". "Kasai" and "matoa" are not Fijian names for this fruit, not even in our more obscure dialects.

Fruity said...

To Proper noun: This fruit site is international. Those vernacular names mentioned are used in other countries where this fruit are found too. It does not mean that those are Fijian names. So it may sound foreign to you. Thanks.

To ongzi: ? This fruit species is not pongamia pinnata. Thanks

Anonymous said...


You are doing a great job with this blog!
I am sincerely glad there still are people interested in other things, besides porn, gaming etc. :))
Keep it up!

I'm a fan of education