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Thursday, August 23, 2007

GUAVA (Odd Shape/Green Skin/Yellow Flesh)

Common Name: Guava
Vernacular Name: Apple Guava, Guayaba, Jumbu Batu, Farang, Jwafa, Pera, Bayabas
Botanical Name: Psidium guajava
Specimens From: Thailand

Guava is a very common tropical fruit, native from Mexico to northern South America. This is the ugly guava. There are many types of guava, usually round, oval or pear in shape but this cultivar of guava have the most unusual, irregular shape.

The skin is thin and light green in colour with creamy yellow flesh. When ripe, it is soft but don't wait till it over-ripes, it will be mushy. The taste is sweet with a strong musky odor, which some people may dislike it.

The skin is edible and it will be a waste to peel it, because of the extreme high concentration of vitamins (A,B,C) are found in the skin. And that is why, guava is one of the top most nutritious fruit. The problem is, the skin tastes a little bitter. So you decide, nutrient or taste? The best part about this particular cutivar is, it is seedless.

Guava, Dried

There is also dried guava, taken as snacks.

Fruit: Guava; Psidium guajava; Mytaceae.

Other fruits in the same family: Surinam Cherry, Guava [yellow skin/pink flesh]

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Mansi said...

Hi there,

yours is an iteresing blog...everything about fruits, that's great! no more searching the web:)

Fruity said...

Hi Mansi
Great of you to drop by. Feel free anytime.
Cheers from Fruity

Serena said...

I like guava and it was a craze here with those plum powder. They were sold at school canteens, shopping malls, by the roadside, everywhere! :D

indicaspecies said...

I don't know if you would like to consider me as one of your 'species' but I'd like to think so; and being an ex-Botany student, I find this space you have extremely interesting.
I shall return. :)

Fruity said...

To Serena
I had been to your country and had tasted those guava with powder, it tasted good too

Fruity said...

To Indica
Oh great! I guessed you probably better than me since you are an ex-botanist. Anyway, welcome aboard and drop by often.
Cheers from Fruity

Karin W. said...

Guava is one of those fruits I can´t purchase in Sweden. However, guava juice is an ingredient in fruit drinks, which I can buy; orange, apple, grape, pineapple, passionfruit, apricot, mango, banana, peach, guava, pear and lemon mixtures. Those drinks which are called multi vitamin drinks, you know, with a whole range of flavors jumbled together. Well, they taste vitamins most of all.

Fruity said...

Oh yes, those fruit juice but fresh fruit juice is also the best as no preservations, colouring, sugar added. Anyway, a lot of fruits are not imported to some countries due to low demand

RUTH said...

What a great bog. So many "new" fruits come into our supermarket and I'm never sure quite what they are or how to eat them :o)

Peace said...

Hi, this is a great blog.

Fruity said...

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for your compliment. Just drop by often and you will know :) You got a nice blog too. Cheers from Fruity

Fruity said...

Hi Peace,
thanks for dropping by. You got a peaceful blog :)
Cheers from Fruity

Anonymous said...

What an interesting blog! I love learning about fruits - especially as I recently purchased a juicer. :-) I'll certainly visit again!

Fruity said...

Thank you and do drop by again. Do make full use of your juicer :) Cheers from Fruity

maiylah said...

interestingly shaped guavas!
... and no seeds?! wow ...!
i love eating them; one of my fave fruits. :)

thanks for dropping by! :)

Fruity said...

yup, seedless and that is the best. Welcome aboard to the world of fruits. Cheers from Fruity

Anonymous said...

there are a few species of guava here in Malaysia, the seedless ones, which you blog about, then there's the ones with seeds, and the ones with pink color. All are great! I like guava slices with the plum powder!

Joanne said...

I love the's a popular fruit at my house (and when ever we go back to Taiwan). And it's also safe to eat the skin b/c there isn't a need for a lot of pesticides as bugs don't like it.

And, I know I've already said this (at BlogCatalog)...but I love your site (I've added you to my "Aesthetic Indulgence" linkaga!!!). My family is BIG on fruits. We eat two breakfasts...a meal of just fruits and then an hour later breakfast or brunch. My mom always jokes that you think our house is raising a pack of monkeys with the amount of bananas we go through =)

Fruity said...

To Borzack: Yes, you are right. there are many types and I like those pink flesh, it looks great!

Fruity said...

Hi Joanne: Thanks for dropping by. Taiwan is great and famous for their cultivation of fruits and managed to cultivate "huge sizes" and sweet too. Eat more fruits, it's great! Cheers from Fruity

Mansi said...

Yea!!! Here's a fruit I know very well:) we call it "nashpati" in india:)

Fruity said...

Hi Mansi, never knew guava is so common at your place .. sounds like chepati :) which I like


i got some bad experience with guavas when i a ate a great deal one time and never bothered to drink a lot of liquid, i still love guavas though^^

Ken said...

I've always found the actual fruit a bit uninspiring but love guava juice.

Strangely enough, here in Thailand the word for guava (farang) is the same word used to describe white-skinned foreigners.

However, Thais insist there is no real reason that the same word is used to describe both.

Anonymous said...

Looking at these fruits I appreciate gods creation of wonderful ways of making the same fruit . glamorous !

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Anonymous said...

The fruit you are showing is a seedless. This can happen on seeded tree but, there are genetic oddities that do this all the time.

Venkat said...

Great blog! We used to have guava tree in our backyard when I was kid back in India, as a matter of fact, every other house in the neighborhood use to have one. Interestingly guava from each tree tastes different. Now I move to US and I am missing them a lot.

Unknown said...

it's an interesting blog..
if you could add mor info about guava will awesome! :)