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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Common Name: Grey Teak
Vernacular Name: White Beech
Botanical Name: Gmelina dalrympleana
Specimens From: Australia

Grey teak is native to Australia and New Guinea. The fruit is green when unripe and will change to an attractive pinkish-red or red when ripe. The size is small, not any bigger than a grape and the shape is obovoid.

There is a single hard seed. The flesh is white but will immediately turn yellow to brown once it is exposed, similar to the oxidation of a common apple.

The usage of this plant is mainly for its timber and not for the fruits. It is juicy but bitter and not palatable. It is mostly for the birds to feast on it.  

Fruit: Grey Teak; gmelina dalrympleana; Lamiaceae.

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