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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Common Name: Peanut Butter Fruit
Vernacular Name: Ciruela De Fraile
Botanical Name: Bunchosia armeniaca
Specimens From: Peru
Specimens Weight: 12 gms [0.4 oz] (average wgt per fruit)

Peanut butter fruit is native to South America and it is rare elsewhere. This common English name is also applied to several other species of fruits, so do not be confused.

The fruit is about the size of a quail egg and shaped like one too but with a pointed tip. There is also a line across one side, similar to the plum. It is green when young but will turn orange and finally to red when ripe.

There are two seeds and it is flattened on one side. The seed is not edible. The skin is thin and the flesh is red with a soft texture, similar to the peanut butter but it does not taste like one. It is slightly sour and not much sweet either. It is used more for food flavoring than for fresh consumption.

Fruit: Peanut Butter Fruit; Bunchosia armeniaca; Malpighiaceae.

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